Caverns of Mimas

CM is the first of a series of mini-games. The game was released for the PC around the beginning of March 2012, a version for android devices was released by the end of March, and the OS X version was released in December.

Caverns of Mimas has its own homepage:

The game engine is written in a highly portable subset of C, but the front-end is ported from platform to platform.

The PC version is written in C# and C++/CLI using XNA.

The android version is written in Java using JNI and OpenGL 1.1

The OS X version is written in Objective-C, Cocoa and OpenGL 2.0+.

The iOS version is written in Objective-C and OpenGL ES 2.0.

Check out a early video of the android version:

A screenshot of the title screen:

An early video of the PC version of the game

First video capture of the (back then) "untitled game project 2011".