a game made for Ludum Dare 33s 48 hour compo.

The game ended up being quite terrible since I spent all my time re-learning OpenGL ES2.0 and the Angle library

Tools involved: Visual Studio 2015 C++ Community edition, Blender, Milkshape3D, Wings3D, MakeHuman, Gimp

picoPNG and tinyobjloader

The engine has been open-sourced and can be found at:

The project wasn't so much enspired by the theme as it was by Lode Vandevenne's 'picopng' .

Almost all basic 3D rendering engines tend to be monoliths due to the amount of feature creep. (Multiple 3d formats, texture loaders, shader types, shadow styles, occlusion culling techniques and so on...) I wanted something that I can reuse on coming Ludum Dares and really just the most basic stuff,so that all you have to do is include as header file like picoPNG. No linking, no DLLs...

Something that makes a simple RAD platform for 3D stuff, without having to resort to an entire engine like Unity.

The Pico::Engine isn't ready yet, but hopefully it will be soon ;-)