space tiles

Space Tiles
This was a game project I started to get out of a slump.
I needed a smaller project than my giant 9 year long 3D game project
to get back into coding PC games.

The game is written in SFML using C++ and is available for PCs running Windows and
for the Raspberry Pi 400.

The project ended up taking way longer than I expected,
mostly because it took me ages to make a couple of tunes that I found good enought to use.
and to be honest... Creating menu systems from scratch is incredibly boring...

The game is an experiment in combining a match 3 puzzle/tetris style game with a sci fi dodge'em'up.

Personally I think I achieved what I set out to do.
Once I was done I decided to do one more experiment.
My retro projects tend to get attention even without me having to "market" them
and it's been a couple of years since I actually released a PC game that wasn't free
or just some Ludum Dare thingy.
So I decided to check what happens if you don't market an project at all.
A couple of years ago the games I made would get a couple of downloads regardless of my marketing efforts.

To this day Space Tiles hasn't had a single download.
(The game was released 2022-05-15)

Update! I stopped the experiment and put Space Tiles on sale for's developer day
and 2022-11-26 Space Tiles had its first buyer.
If I hadn't put it on sale I'm guessing that it would still have zero downloads...